Shape: 4 corners      Total height 2.78m

  8                              2-5


Standard Set

  • 2 Insulated roof panels
  • 3 wooden tempered glass walls;
  • 7 insulated full panel walls;
  • Garden cube frame from spruce
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove;
  • Roof covered with bitumen weld coating
  • Sauna benches;
  • Wooden door with windows.
  • Wooden floor

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The frames are made from glue laminated spruce beams. Frame consists of bottom frame (140 x 100 mm), columns (140 x 140 mm), top frame (140 x 240 mm) and withstands 470 kg/m² roof load.


The 1000 x 2200 mm walls are made of spruce wood from FSC-certified spruce forests of Northern Europe. The light, golden-white spruce are ideal for Cubes constructions designs.

Insulated full panel wall     Wooden tempered glass wall

Insulated full panel wall. Wall frame 75 x 45 mm, panel covered with inside 96 x 12 mm and outside 145 x 18 mm horizontal spruce cladding boards.

Wooden tempered glass wall. Wall frame 75 x 45 mm with full tempered glass window.


The roof panels are built with double rafters construction and covered with 18 x 145 mm finishing boards. This construction withstands 442 kg/m2. All Garden Cube buildings roof are 2.7 m high and 1.310 (2.29%) slope.

We use an hydro-insulating SBS to ensure the highest level of waterproofing. MIDA UNIFLEKS – modified bitumen weld coating. It is produced in two types: surfaced with quartz sand – for the bottom layer of the roofing and surfaced with slate that ensures perfect UV-protection , for the top hydro-insulating protective layer of the roofing for Cube roofs.

Service life of MIDA UNIFLEKS roofing is 30-40 years. This is the most popular solution for a living roofs.


The doors used in Saun Cubes come in spruce wood doors with tempered glass windows. 817 x 2035 mm wooden doors with large tempered glass windows.


The rainwater pipe package includes 4 m straight gutter and all parts needed for installation.

Down pipe package includes 2.5 m down pipe and all parts needed for installation.
No need for exact measurements and calculations and easy to transport and install, as all components needed are packaged compactly in a single package, ensuring safe delivery and easy installation.