Shape: 4 corners

Total height: 2.55m

Standard Set

  • Garden cube frame from spruce
  • Glass roof
  • Wooden floor

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The frames are made from glue-laminated spruce beams. Frame consists of bottom frame (140 x 100 mm), columns (140 x 140 mm), top frame (140 x 240 mm) and withstands 470 kg/m2 roof load.


The floor is made of 146 x 28 mm floorboards. Built with 135 x 90 mm joists.


The roof is made from 12mm two glass sheets, it’s size is 3280x3280mm and it weighs 440kg. Two glass sheets are connected with a special connecting profile system.


As wood is a natural material, it can change through time. Cracks of various sizes, changes of the colour as well as a structure of the wood are not the errors, but a feature of wood. Natural wood (not impregnated) becomes greyish after having been left untouched for a while. Later it can turn blue and get covered with the mould. Therefore, you should immediately impregnate the wood to protect the products.
In general, we recommend consulting a specialist regarding the paints suitable for an unprocessed softwood and follow the manufacturers’ of paints instructions. Properly painting the cube will extend its lifetime. Besides that, we suggest you thoroughly inspecting the cube every six months and checking if it needs repainting or else.  It’s not advisable to paint the cube before assembling it , this is best done when the cube has been already assembled and when the weather is fine.