Insulated Camping Pod
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This product is spacious, warm and creates a beautiful ambient area for entertaining and relaxing. Insulated Camping Pod can be used all year round, however the winter is when these superb buildings really come into their own.


Standard Set

  • Double doors with a lock and the double glass windows
  • Opening window in the back wall
  • Pod made from spruce with insulated walls
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color;
  • Two rooms inside

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Try camping in a high quality Insulated Camping Pod 3.2 x 4.8 m., it is ideal choice for a camping place. Pod has two rooms inside: a 2 m length sleeping room and a 2.4 m length living room with area for tiny kitchen and dining space. This Camping pod is without  60 cm deep terrace at the front. The light enters the house through a double window on the back wall and the french style double door in the front. The bedroom and living rooms are separated by a wall with the aisle, the house is open in the inside (there are no interior door separating the rooms).

Insulation for Camping PodInsulation.  Wall insulation. 1 – wall made from spruce (38 mm); 2 – stone wool (50 mm); 3 – wind insulating film; 4- OSB panel (8 mm); 5 – bitumen shingles (3 mm). Panel insulation.  1 – wall made from spruce (38 mm); 2 – stone wool (50 mm); 3 – wind insulating film; 4 – wall made from spruce (12 mm). Floor insulation.  1 – floor made from spruce (28 mm); 2 – wind insulating film; 3 – stone wool (50 mm); 4 – OSB panel (12 mm).

Available roof colors:


As wood is a natural material, it can change through time. Cracks of various sizes, changes of the color as well as of a structure of the wood are not the errors, but a feature of wood. Natural wood (not impregnated) becomes grayish after having been left untouched for a while. Later it can turn blue and get covered with the mold. Therefore, you should immediately impregnate the wood to protect the products.

We strongly recommend that you impregnate the door and windows with a wood impregnation agent both the inside and outside of them, because the doors and windows can become twisted otherwise. In general, we recommend consulting a specialist regarding the paints suitable for an unprocessed softwood and follow the instructions of paints’ manufacturers. Proper painting of the Camping Pod will extend its lifetime. Besides that, we suggest you thoroughly inspecting the pod every six months and checking if it needs re-painting or else.

It’s NOT advisable to paint the Camping walls before assembling it , this is best done when the Camping Pod has been already assembled and when the weather is fine. However, if you wish to paint some parts in different colors, this should be done before the Pod is assembled.